Common Services

Maintenance Services:
4 wheel tire rotation
Wheel Balance
Wheel Allignment
4 Cylinder Tune-Up
Front or Rear Breaks
Reface Rotor or Drum
Oil Change (3000-mile service)
Cooling System Service
Front or Rear differential Service
Manual Transmission Service
Automatic Transmission Service

Scheduled Maintenance Services:
3000-mile service
- perform oil & filter change,
- check coolant,
- check transmission & steering fluids,
- inspect CV joints,
- front suspension.
7500-mile service
- perform oil & filter change,
- inspect & adjust tire pressure,
- check battery and exhaust,
- inspect CV joints,
- inspect steering linkage and suspension,
- check lights & other electronic items,
- rotate tires & roadtest.
15,000-mile service
- perform oil & filter change,
- perform 4 wheel brake inspection,
- inspect & top off fluids,
- rotate & balance tires,
- replace engine air filter,
- lubricate all locks & hinges.
22,500-mile service
- perform oil & filter change,
- inspect coolant level and hose clamps,
- check exhaust system,
- check brake system lines & hoses,
- inspect CV boots,
- perform electrical system test,
- rotate tires.
30,000 mile service
- perform oil & filter change,
- replace air filter,
- replace transmission fluid,
- flush cooling system,
- check & adjust drive belts,
- replace fuel filter,
- rotate & balance tires,
- check brake lines & calipers
- perform OBD consult check for codes & advise.
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